Wendeen H. Eolis

In endless search of the perfected Renaissance, Wendeen H. Eolis embraces the pursuit of excellence in all  aspects of business and public service and revels with delight, in unique projects and extracurricular endeavors. Most recently she has embarked on a memoir that will add lessons learned in high stakes negotiations to her eclectic resume. Publication of an upcoming book, "Raising the Stakes (in law, business, politics, poker, and beyond...)" is in the works. 

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WHE Leadership Highlights
A woman with a thirst for first class

WHE Gets Personal
A few curve balls

Wendeen's World of Negotiating Experience     

Entrepreneur -- Search Specialist -- Legal Consultant -- Coach -- Negotiator
Optimizing human capital in the legal profession,executive suite and government

Public Servant -- Humanitarian/Industry Activist
Contributing leadership skills to improve the welfare of others

Gaming Grande Dame -- Power Poker Player
Raising the Bar on negotiaitons at  gaming tables and far beyond the baize

Journalist -- Speaker -- Author --  Instructor 
Applying best principles for business negotiations to card games
 and expanding life successes with lessons from the felt

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