Retainer Searches

Retainer-based attorney searches guarantee clients the necessary time and effort to scour the universe and to evaluate fully the credentials and experience of candidate prospects. .

Attorney Searches:

  • Partners
  • Partner Groups
  • Law Department Managers
  • Senior Legal/Business Personnel
  • C-suite Executives (J.D. degrees)
EOLIS scours the universe


  • Excellent academic credentials; top schools/grades or other academic distinction
  • Initial training at nationally recognized firms and prestigious boutiques
  • A portfolio of clients, unique expertise, and/or proven skills as a "legal executive"
  • Verified background data that corroborates legal and interpersonal skills



Eolis International Group retainer search services generally consist of the activities described below, subject to the dynamics of the market, the availability of viable candidates, and as appropriate to the assignment. 

  • Initial client conferences and formulation of the search specifications
  • Collection and review of client materials regarding its practice/business
  • Research and identification of candidate target universe
  • Recruitment and development of suitable prospects
  • Consultant interviews and preliminary evaluation of candidates
  • Client briefings and introductions of candidates
  • Detailed briefings on candidate matters and business plans
  • Ongoing evaluations of the "match"
  • In-depth due diligence inquiries
  • Advice and assistance throughout the interviews of qualified candidates
  • Participation in negotiations and the finalizing of employment offers
  • Preparation and presentation of reference reports


For further information regarding search services and fee arrangements, employers may contact EOLIS at or call 212-472-4000.