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Project Team Management

 EOLIS teams are headed by a worldwide network of affiliated partners and consultants under the direction of EOLIS management. Hand-picked individual project directors and team consultants are selected for their specialized expertise in the legal profession, business, or human capital management, as needed to insure top notch relevant skills and abilities and personalized service.

Affiliates obtain the right to use the designation "EOLIS Affiliate" upon demonstrating expertise that is requisite to an EOLIS assignment.. Researchers are selected by the project director; drawn from universities, graduate programs and law schools. Personnel assigned to international projects include at least one fluent speaker of the local language.


A global network of affiliated professionals huddles on projects

EOLIS professionals agree to subscribe to the policies and standards set forth in the Company's Commitment PledgeAffiliates also agree to  to support, fully, EOLIS' core value: pursuit of excellence.

Enlightened Management

The New York-based team is led by Wendeen Eolis  for select projects; unique and complex assignments that require an innovative approach informed by the the wisdom of  substantial experience, broad connections and unlimited access to the most probing researchers.  

EOLIS leads the way in diversity and humanitarian initiatives.