More Search Options

Eolis International Group provides search services tailored to the specific client's needs. Search services  may include some or all of the activities described below, subject to the needs of the client, dynamics of the market, candidate availability, and the intentions of the specific collaboration.

The Process

  • Meet client to develop profile
  • Collect and discuss client materials
  • Candidate development
  • Interviews with suitable prospects
  • Candidate introductions
  • In-depth review of bio materials
  • Ongoing evaluation of the "match"
  • Participation in offer negotiations

Hybrid Search Services

Hybrid searches are contracted on a minimized retainer fee basis, providing a condensed time-table for our efforts and the greater part of our compensation on results. For clients who have a focused strategic plan but seek a middle ground between the more extensive activities and associated costs of a full-on retainer search and the uncertainties of a recruiter's time commitment to a contingency placement search may be best served by our unique hybrid programs.

Contingency Placement Services

For law firms with opportunistic interests in acquiring partners and partner groups, EOLIS invites you to list these needs with us on a contingency fee basis. In keeping with our philosophy of relationship building EOLIS often agrees to recruit candidates for such positions on a short term exclusive basis and can be relied upon to refer qualified candidates who express specific interest in the firm.

Search Consulting Services

EOLIS offers law firms advice to management committees, search committees, and internal recruiting departments designed to streamline and expedite your searches. For information concerning these advisory services, please call A. Minster at 212 472 4000.


  • Highly qualified candidates with a combination of impressive experience
  • Significant specialty expertise and/or strong management skills
  • Portfolio of clients and/or proven competence as a "management executive"
  • Strong legal and interpersonal skills