EOLIS Profile

EOLIS International Group is a diversified legal consultancy serving the legal profession and clients of legal services, worldwide. EIG's internationally recognized niche in legal counsel reviews, and its global leadership in the attorney search industry, reflect a deep commitment to uncompromising due diligence.


Our services include a broad range of legal management initiatives, outside counsel reviews, top level partner searches, and career transition coaching for highly credentialed lawyers.


EIG represents law firms, businesses, companies, government entities, individual leaders and specialized talent. The international component of EIG business emphasizes multinational companies. EIG also represents select local clients in the major legal and business centers of Europe, the Middle East, North and South Asia, Africa, Australia and South America.


Since its beginnings with Cravath Swain and Moore as its first client, EIG has been called upon to serve more than a thousand law firms worldwide, including the vast majority of the AMLAW 200, as well as prestigious boutique practices and growing spin-off firms across the United States and around the world.


Upwards of two thousand companies, worldwide, including early supporters like Time Warner Inc, JPMorgan Chase and IBM, are among the Fortune 500 companies that have relied on EIG in connection with legal management issues in-house or with outside counsel, and for unique attorney searches. EIG has advised companies on legal counsel issues averaging in excess of $10,000,000 of new legal business, annually, since the year 2000.


Accomplished senior executives, leading lights of the entertainment world, and leaders in civic and government pursuits rely upon EOLIS for career counseling, business advice on contract negotiations, and selection and revision of appropriate legal counsel.


EOLIS handles searches and consulting assignments in most major legal disciplines and specialized industries including but not limited to: banking, bankruptcy, business law, consumer finance, corporate, corporate finance, entertainment, family and matrimonial law, intellectual property, international, labor, litigation, real estate, regulatory, tax, trusts and estates. Services are available to companies, partnerships, institutions, foundations, individuals, and governments.