Counsel Selection

Eolis International Group brings more than four decades of experience to its reviews of lawyers and law firms. Our outside counsel review division assists corporations, government agencies, and high profile specialized talent in all manner of counsel management with refined expertise in the selection of general and special counsel.  Wendeen Eolis has served as a special advisor on legal counsel reviews to numerous CEOs and boards of directors of public companies including, among others, Caesars World,  Chicago Tribune, Trans World Airlines, Time Warner, and Citibank.  


  • Researching Potential Counsel
  • Beauty Contest Preparation
  • Interviewing Prospective Counsel
  • Comparing Counsel Possibilities
  • Assisting in Counsel Selection
  • Recommending Counsel
  • Developing Engagement Letters
  • Revising Retention Agreements

Eolis Provides Singular Expertise

Eolis International Group maintains a singular niche in the evaluation of potential counsel for big deals and "bet the ranch" litigations, as well as for general counsel and special counsel roles.

We track the careers and client matters of more than 250,000 lawyers.

We maintain detailed information regarding the expertise and inner workings of thousands of law firms around the world.

The integration of information derived from public databases as well as EOLIS' proprietary database, allows us to make the most careful analysis of credentials, experience, and reputation of law firms and lawyers who lead the way.