Career Transitions

ACT services are available to experienced lawyers who seek to expand their career path choices beyond legal practice; in law firms, business, politics, and government, and as special talent as well as pursuit of nominations to corporate boards.

Introspection is the first critical step in the evaluation process


  • Review of Biographical Materials and Career Highlights.
  • Development of Search Plan for Legal/Management and Board Seat Roles
    Primer on Employer and Board Seat Targeting
  • Overview of New Contact Networking and Socal Media Tools
  • ecommendations  and Caveats regarding Job Search Resources
  • Analysis of Compensation Objectives and Alternatives


  • Profile Assessment
  • Interview Coaching; Presentation Plan
  • Marketplace Research and Trend Studies
  • Employer Sourcing
  • Networking Enhancement
  • Outreaches to Decision Makers
  • Employment Negotiations; Agreements/Separations
  • Client Relations Consulting Services

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