About The Organization

EOLIS was founded  in 1967  and formalized as a company in 1969 as the first search firm exclusively for practicing lawyers. It evolved rapidly into a multi pronged legal consultancy specializing in top level searches, attorney career transitions and outside counsel management. 

Eolis International Group
Attorney Search / Career Management
Outside Counsel / Legal Consulting

Wendeen Eolis Enterprises,Inc
C-Suite / Executive Consulting, 
Employment / Separation Arrangements

Eolis Institute for Leadership
People Reading Principles
Negotiation/Decision Strategies

Eolis Gaming Consultants
Legal and Legislative Affairs
Business and Event Consulting

Wendeen H. Eolis
Entrepreneur / Public Servant
Speaker / Writer / Power Poker Player

Global Reach. Powerful Connections.

At the turn of the millennium, EOLIS extended its services to include career coaching, executive consulting, and relationship counseling for non-lawyers that seek to optimize negotiating skills, decision strategies, as well as management of their legal affairs.

Eolis International Group serves the legal profession with top level attorney searches and sophisticated vetting of outside counsel prospects.

Wendeen Eolis Enterprises counsels a diverse client base on negotiating strategies, emphasizing employment contracts and separation agreements.

Eolis Institute for Leadership assists clients in developing and executing decision strategies based on maximizing their people reading  skills.

Eolis Gaming Consultants advises casinos on employment and event contracts, and counsel options, especially for regulatory matters.

Wendeen H. Eolis, a Certified Personnel Consultant is the CEO of EOLIS. Her policies reflect a commitment to negotiating  excellence and personal service.